• Anna
    February 5, 2015 at 8:57 am #102491

    1. go into theme-admin.php at line 1333 and add your unit into that array – see the ex below


    __('feet','wpestate') =>__('ft','wpestate'),

    __('meters','wpestate') =>__('m','wpestate'),

    __('you unit','wpestate') =>__('xxx','wpestate'),


    if you want to remove the small 2 after do a search in all your theme files (you code editor should do that ) and remove this code ” 2

    To remove with CSS try adding into css


    To remove measurement from infobox


    Around line 266 you have

    var infosize;
    infosize =''+this.size;
    infosize = infosize+ ' ft2';
    infosize = infosize+' m2';
    infosize =infosize+'

    Remove from there.

    Thank you

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