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    August 20, 2015 at 7:49 pm #120852


    You might like the suggestions below…
    they will surely help all your users.

    –Add property buying Requirement functionality
    User Can Submit Buying Requirement too free/paid.

    –There should be a drop down to choose the property size unit ( SqFT, SqMtr, SqYrd, ect… country specific ) for individual Properties, because we measure Apartment / Flats in SqFT but do not measure Land in SqFT rather we measure it in SqMtr or SqYrd.

    –Tabbed Search for all property Actions
    ( Buy, Sell, Rent, etc…) like http://www.99acres.com

    –Three Type of User with Separate Dashboard Individual Users, Agents, Builders / Developer
    Individual Users : Sell’s his own property.
    Agent : Sell’s other user’s property or Builder Project/Townships
    Builder / Developer : They Sell there own Project’s or Townships to Different User’s.
    also include property search on the basis of User Type -> Name

    –Separate Membership Package for Property Buying Requirement & Property for Sell
    –Separate Membership Package for Different User Type ( Individual Users, Agents, Builders / Developer )

    –Include Some basic reports like
    For Admin & Staff
    1. List of Properties by Action, Categories, Area, City
    2. Most Searched properties within Week , Month, Quarter
    3. Most favorite properties
    4. Report on buying requirement based on property type, area, city, etc..

    For Users
    1. List of People contacted him with Date, property Name & ID

    You can discuss these with me if you like…

    Amit Jain

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