• virtualofice
    July 30, 2015 at 11:10 pm #117770

    Hello Anna when i click on “Advanced search” it goes to the halp page where it shows the properties founded, and a leyend that says “Advanced Search (17)” (there are 17 properties), but when i click at any filter, lets say HOUSES (There are 3), the ajax refresh the map and the list, but the leyend continue saying “Advanced Search (17)” not 3, what can i check to fix this.

    Thank you

    Camelia Support Team - WP Estate
    July 31, 2015 at 12:03 pm #117851

    Hi Carlos,
    Thank you for your message

    I am afraid this is not something that we can control. This is something related to WordPress. We cannot make the number count next to each category update dynamically based on the search combination (there is no solution technically).

    If you wish to remove – that needs to be done in the code directly. See this forum: http://wpestate.org/forums/topic/hide-number-category-property-advanced-search-wp-residence/

    Please use our support system if you wish our assistance – this is a general interest forum where clients can share their custom solutions if they wish to.

    Client support is here – http://support.wpestate.org/

    Thank you

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