• forfavore
    November 29, 2015 at 4:26 pm #123471

    it will be good to see these options in the future.

    At the moment we can have different Membership packages, but the problem is that the number of “listings” and “featured listings” are bounded.

    What I mean is lets say we have 4 packages:
    1 Free Package – 1 listing, 0 featured, active for 6 months
    2 Mid Package – 5 listings, 0 featured, active for year –100 euro
    3 Big Package – 10 listing, 0 featured, active for year. — 150 euro
    And one Extra package – 0 listings, 1 featured, active for lets say 1 week. — 10 euro

    At this moment this scenario is aplicable but with few problems. If you start with “1 Free Package” and add “1 Featured” it will overwrite the free package and will show that you have 0 listings active and 1 featured.

    Also, if you have “2 Mid Package ” active and want to buy “1 Featured”, it will overwrite the listings and you will end up with 0 listings and 1 featured.
    It will be much better if due dates for listings and featured items are separate. So agencies can buy Packages with Listings first and if they want, they can make some of the items Featured.

    Anoter problem with actual scenario is when you want to upgrade from Mid Package to Big Package after some time of buying the first package.
    At this point if you have let’s say active Mid Package and after 6 months want to go Big, you have to pay 150euro and you lose the remaining of previous pack.

    I think it shoud be like, if you want to upgrade from pack 2 to pack 3 after lets say 6 months, the invoicing module shoud check active pack and remaining days (100 euro / 365days * remaining days = remaining euros ) and subtracts these remaining euros from the new upgraded pack and issue the invoice.
    And the new pack will be active for one year from the day of the upgrade.

    Another good extra will be the option to attach issued invoices in PDF at the backend when approving the invoice, so the agencies can easily download the PDF document from their admin frontend.

    Thanks in advance

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