• Monique
    January 31, 2015 at 5:12 pm #102374

    I know how to edit cloud.png in new colors.
    In which directory I have to save it, so I can see the new image in Google maps?
    I changed cloud.png and moved it to css/css-images/cloud.png with ftp, but no change?


    Hi Monique

    The google maps cluster image is in css/css-images/cloud.png.

    There is a folder in theme pack with original images – including cluster. Folder is called pin psd and original images / and inside there is another folder called original image elements if you want to modify colors

    Edit in Fireworks the image cloud from css/css-images folder inside original image elements if you want to modify colors .

    Save with the same name.

    Replace the cloud.png in css/css-images folder and give it a while to update the maps. There is a caching system and can take a little longer.

    Thank you

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