• Nataliya1977
    January 15, 2016 at 6:18 pm #123545

    I’m a freelancer. My customer asked me to change color in the header of the theme WP Residence.
    I did it successfully with CSS file, but I cannot change the header color in two places.
    When I open the Home page, the color is correct.
    Correct color – http://postimg.org/image/tcat1dk57/
    When I’m scrolling down the Home page, there are two places, where the color is default.
    Wring color – http://postimg.org/image/nfpfw0tsj/
    I searched lines in code of Style.css, Style.min.css, bootstrap.css, bootstrap-theme.css files. But I cannot find them.
    I inspected this element with Google Chrome inspect toole. In those elements found by inspect toole, I set up correct color.
    Please, suggest me, where can I find this element to change it?

    Best regards,

    Camelia Support Team - WP Estate
    January 19, 2016 at 3:00 pm #123547

    Hi Nataliya1977
    Thank you for your message.
    I am sorry for the delay – but we did not get this message. Also please use our support system if you wish our assistance – this is a general interest forum where clients can share their custom solutions if they wish to.

    Client support is here – http://support.wpestate.org/

    Thank you

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