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    August 11, 2014 at 9:19 am #61183

    First of all, we will continue to add different Features to WP ESTATE and WP RESIDENCE and offer full support for all our theme products for indefinite time.

    WPESTATE features that are not in Residence:

    – more sort by FILTERS in Properties list

    – different property header slider design (full header slider in top)

    – 4 advanced search type design

    – 5 different header type design layout

    – filters on the map

    – checker filters for action and category in properties list

    – 3.0 UPDATE (booking features)

    Besides the different design approach, in WP RESIDENCE we have some new features:

    – We have map height control (open, close – in admin), we have global header control with the option to override global setting in each page/post.

    – More advanced search options (keep open or closed, display or not display).

    – Then we have Visual Composer for shortcode management, Advanced Search option to be on/off, open/closed.

    – We also have Ajax Search on map.

    – We added a Property Slider in header options (global and individual) – and admin selects what properties and how fast slides change.

    – We have extra settings for Properties List page.

    – Duplicate email to receive emails sent through Contact Form

    – search by Features and Amenities (controlled by admin)

    – Save search and email alert for save search.

    – Pin Spyder for pins in the same location

    – Sub-categories in advanced search and number of properties for taxonomies (city, area, type, category) in advanced search

    1.06 new features: http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-1-06-new-features/

    – Price slider for minim and maxim price in Advanced Search. Works with YES/NO option. Applies for default and custom Advanced Search fields. Work with Search AJAX over Map as well.

    – Add Floor Plans for properties in Admin and in Submit Property form

    – Print Listing button in Property Page next to Social Share icons

    – Attach PDF to property in Admin and Front End Submission form

    – Agree to Terms and Conditions check and page template before registering (in all register options)

    1.07 new features: http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-version-1-07-features/

    – Submission with auto-complete from Google Maps for Address, County, State, City, Area, Zip.

    – City and Area in submission form are input fields and save on publish as attached (Area is assigned to City)

    – Property unique ID field can be added in Advanced Search

    – My properties list – auto complete search for all user properties

    – Forgot Pass in Widget

    – Recent Items Slider + auto scroll setting

    – A new dropdown for Counties/States in advanced search custom fields

    1.08 new features: http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-version-1-08-features/

    – Submission form with auto-complete or dropdowns for City and Area

    – Read pins from file to speed up the sites with more than 200 properties on the map

    – featured agent widget

    – option to list properties randomly in recent items shortcodes

    – advanced search dynamic URL with search results

    – advanced search sort options

    – advanced search saves search parameters in header when landing on advanced search results page

    1.09 new features – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-version-1-09-features

    -Expiration set for Free Membership Listing;

    -Option to pay via Wire Transfer for Paid Listing and Membership Package;

    -Advanced Search type 2 – with auto-complete for city, state and area. More options included;

    -Snazzy Maps style for Google Maps (style the map as you wish);

    -Properties List – Half Map + Half Properties style;

    -Contact 7 for Agent Contact and Contact Page contact forms;

    -Zip check on Stripe Payment form for security;

    -States are dropdowns if auto-complete address is disabled ;

    -Property Page Layout 2 – with Agent info and Agent Contact form on sidebar (left or right);

    1.10 new features – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-version-1-10-features/

    -Multi-currency support for who wishes to display properties prices in several currencies. Has it’s own currency conversion area managed by admin. Comes with Multi Currency Widget to place in sidebars, footer, or header widget area

    – Property Page vertical thumb on slider (global and per property control)

    – Property Page Agent on Sidebar (global control)

    – Property Page tabs layout alternative to accordeon (global and per property control)

    -Properties List default view control in Theme Options. You can now choose if default View is LIST or Grid. Applies globally to Advanced Search Results, Properties List, Taxonomy Page.

    – Vertical Search Type design (Type 3)

    – Mobile Menu

    – Logo position changes in this update. Logo is showing next to Mobile Menu over dark background.

    – Mobile Logo field in General Settings to match the new dark background.

    – Field for website URL in User Profile and Agent Profile

    – Map default view control in Theme Options (Satellite, Roadmap, Terrain, Hybrid)

    – Map Control to change default view to another view

    – Price thousand separator format control in Theme Options

    – Calendar Field Language option in Theme Options

    – Option to set Transparent menu over header

    – 2 new header types – global control

    – Margin Top control for logo

    – Background image control for footer background

    – Re-order images in submission form with drag and drop

    1.11 new features – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-1-11-new-features/

    – Email Customization Interface in Theme Options

    – Drop-down custom field type for property post

    – Drop-down custom fields added for properties can be added in Advanced Search – Custom Fields as well.

    – Option to display bedrooms, rooms, bathrooms fields as drop-downs in advanced search – with custom fields enabled.

    – Keyword search for Property Title in advanced search

    – Country Field displays as drop-down in Advanced Search, if added

    – Option to show Advanced Search results as HALF MAP

    – Option to show Taxonomy Page as Half Map

    – Option to enabled Features and Amenities in Half Map

    – Additional Sort Options for Properties List (standard layout), Taxonomy Page (standard layout) and Advanced Search Results (standard layout)

    – Registration can be done with type password (option selected from Theme Options)

    – A new page in User Dashboard – Invoices

    – Automatic multi currency conversion values synced with Yahoo API

    1.12 New features

    NEW: Image slider in property unit (with on/off control)

    NEW: Taxonomy page with custom header image and custom content that can be added by admin

    NEW: Places Shortcode (list cities or areas)

    NEW: Agent Taxonomy (Agent City, Agent Area, Agent Category, Agent Type and Agent State), managed from admin.

    NEW: List agents by taxonomy category name

    NEW: Agents Shortcode (list agents from specific categories, list them random yes/no)

    NEW: Number of page views in: property page (under title), property page (graphic view with on/off), user dashboard my properties

    NEW: Parent categories will count child categories posts number and list child posts in google maps.

    NEW: Custom color for Menu Active/Hover color

    NEW: Sticky Header animation

    NEW: SVG icon for Submit Menu

    NEW: Before price label

    NEW: If price is not added, after price label still shows (for how wants to show text only)

    1.13 New features

    NEW: Min Size added in submission form for images (500  x 500 min required)

    1.14 New features

    NEW: Mega Menu. See help – http://help.wpresidence.net/2015/12/14/mega-menu-how-to-enable-mega-menu-how-to-customize-mega-menu/

    NEW: Listings by Agent shortcode. See help – http://help.wpresidence.net/2015/12/15/properties-by-agent-listings-by-agent-shortcode/

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    September 6, 2014 at 10:48 am #76401

    for who is wpestatae intended for


    for who is wpresidence intended for?



    September 24, 2014 at 7:08 am #90097

    Hi Roger

    We targeted both themes for the same market. First of all, we aimed this to be used by real estate agents and agencies.

    Some can use it to build a “submission” portal for real estate properties (like have external users submission).

    The above post lists the differences between the two feature related, but the target market is the same for either theme.

    Thank you

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