• Anna
    November 9, 2013 at 6:29 pm #6176

    City is first level, Area is second level (area meaning neighborhood – like Bronx for New York city).

    If you need Area and then City, you can do a text switch.

    I think you can make the text change in translation directly (poedit file). That will be quicker. You translate City and All Cities with Regions and Toutes les regions, and Areas and All Areas with “Villes” and Toutes les Villes”.

    For English terms, it’s a matter of editing the text, because filters will work the same.

    I’m highlighting in bold what needs to be edited. If I may have missed something, let me know.

    wpestate/single-estate_property.php (~line 251

    wpestate/libs/templates/advanced-search2.php (I noticed you have selected Advanced Search Type 2. You can edit the same in all 5 advanced search available)



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