• Anna
    September 30, 2014 at 8:33 am #96660

    In WP RESIDENCE you have global header – and can be set to NONE (so no map). Then you can overwrite each page header with rev slider.

    Advanced Search – features and amenities are added in theme options.

    Advanced search – categories, types, cities, areas – are edited in admin.

    Advanced Search default drop-down labels in english can be overwritten with POEDIT.

    Advanced search custom fields include text, number (which as input fields) and date (which are calendar fields). These work like on demo – and you can customize the names differently.

    Some fields are default and you can re-name (but use same format) or delete in PHP (you need some knowledge)

    Permalinks can be modified in PHP (we have forum for that).

    Thank you

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