• Anna
    November 12, 2013 at 7:47 am #6573

    “I’ve create my customized “Top Menu”, under the “Type of Property”, is it possible to create a “Categories” shortcut to go to landing pages that show the listed properties in the following format:
    a) Apartment
    b) House
    c) Industrial
    d) Land
    e) Office
    f) Retail”

    –>In Appearance – Menus – you have SCREEN OPTIONS on TOP. When you click on that you have to check all custom categories and posts to show as panels on the left. From there you can add them to the menu and then save the menu.

    “If it is not possible to create the above landing pages at the “Top Menu”, is it possible to create them as the side bar search widget instead? I tried dragging a “Categories” widget to the side bar but all it shows is an “Uncategorized” option instead of my listed property categories.”

    –> You can add the lists on the sidebar as well, using the text widget and copying the lists in HTML. You can create the lists in a post (like this one http://singaporenewlaunches.com.sg/wp-admin/post.php?post=141&action=edit&message=10) and then copy the HTML code to a text widget on the sidebar.

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