• man.o.man
    January 1, 2015 at 3:24 pm #101546

    Hello Anna,

    I am thinking of buying either your WP Residence theme or WP Estate theme. I would like to know if the following can be accomplished with either one of your themes, without any customization:

    1) I am not a real estate agency, nor an agent, nor a realtor, or any other type of real estate professional. I simply want to build a real estate portal where anyone can submit properties for sale, for rent, etc.

    2) I want my real estate portal to be an international site, thus allowing members, when submitting a listing

    – to choose the currency from a drop-down list
    – to choose the country from a drop-down list
    – after choosing a country, to be able to choose the state/province from the next drop down list, then to choose the city from the next drop-down list, then to choose the neighborhood/village/subdivision, etc from the next drop down list, etc. (of course I would have to fill in the list of countries, states/provinces, cities, neighborhoods, etc.

    Which one – Estate or Residence – should I even consider to begin with, or is either theme not the right one for me?

    thanks in advance.


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