• Anna
    November 24, 2014 at 4:10 pm #100859

    If you wish to be the only one submitting properties in the WP ESTATE – Booking Module, you need to follow this steps:

    —> You delete the pages for submission, and add properties from admin (so users don’t have access to them)

    —> You create a new user/agent with in front end ¬†register (this is for you as admin). You must have the option to save Users as Agents no for this step. Create user. After this you can turn the option to save users as agents to NO.

    —> In admin, in each property you add, you assign AGENT RESPONSIBLE + USER (which must be the user and agent you create in above step).

    —> All messages will be sent to USER inbox. You will have to approve/reject bookings from front end, your user account, so the notifications are sent to user INBOX and email.


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