• Anna
    December 3, 2014 at 10:34 am #101015

    WP ESTATE BOOKING VIDEO TUTORIALS (very important to watch)


    The best way to manage the theme if you wish to be the only one adding properties from admin, is to create a front end account for you as regular user/subscriber and manage messages + reservations requests in front end. This way all messages will be received in your user email when new requests are sent and you can easily manage them.

    In booking your user must be created in front end AFTER you set the option to save users as AGENTS in Admin – Membership settings (so there is also an agent post that syncs with your front end us account information). This is very important. We have this in the videos.

    If you wish to delete the pages for Front End submission and My Properties, make sure your properties are assigned to your user and agent profile when you add properties from admin.

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