• Anna
    May 10, 2014 at 9:21 am #35885

    Follow these steps http://wpestatetheme.org/translation-module/ to install POEDIT on your computer.

    Open wpestate.po with Poedit, find State, translate to Town, and so on. Then save the file as en_US.

    In wpconfig set default language to en_US and that’s it.

    Alternative option:

    1. Install Codestyle Localization plugin and set en_US language from the list.

    2. Rescan the language .po from Tools – Localizations (it’s the file under WPRESIDENCE or WPESTATE, depending on what theme you purchases)

    3. search for the word you wish to translate and make sure you either type exactly the word with caps or check the capitalization checkbox to have all results

    4. Translate

    5. Click generate mo file button from the plugin settings.

    And voila. Should work. Let me know if you need my help.


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