• Anna
    June 13, 2014 at 9:18 am #42054

    You can use a POEDIT trick to edit English terms to English.

    Follow these steps http://help.wpresidence.net/#!/translation to install POEDIT on your computer.

    Open wpresidence.po with Poedit, find Area, translate to City, in all combinations. Then save the file as en_US.

    In wpconfig set default language to en_US and that’s it.


    The same steps can be done but with Codestyle Localization plugin (directly from wp-admin)

    1. Install Codestyle plugin from Plugins
    2. Go to Tools – Localizations – look for the theme – click ADD LANGUAGE – Select an English language from the list and add
    3. Scan the new language file
    4. Edit the language file
    5. Search for the words you want to modify in English, “translate”, then click GENERATE MO FILE button on top

    NOTE: if the language is not saved it’s possible the plugin can’t overwrite wp-config.php – WPLANG and you must still do that setting manually





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