• Anna
    October 12, 2015 at 2:43 pm #123327

    Original images can be taken from demo content folder, pins and other png folder

    You edit them with a vector editor program, like Fireworks and add the colors you wish.

    In the theme, the images are in css/css-images folder

    Create the same folder in child theme

    Add the images in child theme folder

    And change CSS in child theme to new image path

    Ex for compare icon: (if you use demo pack child theme), after you create the images folder, you add your new images in there and in style.css you change the img path for compare class to your child theme path.

    This I had to test, but since it was an easy change I could easily confirm solution.

    So css should look like in this text document


    Urls should be adapted to your url path.

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