• Anna
    October 22, 2015 at 2:34 pm #123407

    Widgets are not part of hierarchical parent/child theme relation, so you would need to to it in another way.

    The process involve writing code in child theme – here are the steps using libs/widgets/footer_latest_widget.php as example

    The simplest it would be to register a copy of the widget inside the child function.php and develop a new one with the changes you need.

    in child functions.php

    Start by register_widget(‘Footer_latest_widget_copy’); – see widgets.php

    have a file footer_latest_widget_copy.php in your child theme – with the same code as footer_latest_widget.php – don’t forget to include it

    in footer_latest_widget_copy.php replace Footer_latest_widget with Footer_latest_widget_copy

    In this way you obtain a clone of the original widget and you can apply the changes in there.

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