• Michael
    August 13, 2013 at 8:00 am #3061

    1: My real estate business in Australia, can I change the metrics used in this theme to fit my contry? eg: we use sqm (squre metres) not ft : YES

    2: Can you change the terms “pending” to “Under Offer” as we use fifferent terms here in Australia?: YES will be in the next update.

    5: Can the property types be change to be more relevant to my country as we use different terms ect. We don’t use terms like condo.

    6: when I purchase the theme, the cost is $45 and I am able to get the free updates. Is this done as per normal via the back end of admin?

    Thanks again for your time, I just need to get it right before I purchase and make sure it will be compatible in Australia.



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