• John
    August 9, 2014 at 7:28 pm #60591

    Hi..first of all , many thanks for all the help so far..first class support..

    My client would like to give their clients the ability to register with then to receive updates via emails when a new property was placed on the site….

    if they could do this by also stating their preference as well e.g # bedrooms , flat, house etc that would be the icing on the cake..

    any advice on how to do this? if not within the theme, then perhaps a plugin you know of?



    August 12, 2014 at 8:38 am #61680

    Hi John,

    Thank you very much for the nice feedback 🙂

    This change requires custom work and can’t be done with a plugin, not that I am aware of, since the “email” system has to check all new properties, compare user preference with property settings, then send email. So it’s a more complex work to do.

    What we wish to do for the future release is save search alert (so it’s not at registration), but it’s still an alert system. How it will work, I don’t know yet. It’s the kind of feature we can know for sure how it works when we finish it, because many details can change during coding process.

    If your client can wait a couple of weeks (my projection is roughly estimated), then maybe this will be a good alternative to your description?

    If you need something else, we can review your custom development projects, but we’d still be available to help in a few weeks based on the schedule we have ahead.

    If interested – we can talk more at annapx0909@gmail.com

    Thank you,

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