• gekho
    November 28, 2014 at 9:40 am #100931

    Hi Anna !
    Thanks again a lot for this great work, i bought both wpestate and wpresidence for some of my projects, and one more is coming soon with wpresidence ! I love it ! 😉
    The fact is my projects are not “real estate” websites so i have to delete (or change if it’s possible) some property fields, can u tell me how ?
    My website is http://www.bloguide.fr/reseau, it’s about a network for travel blogs…

    On back and front end submission :
    in “property settings” :
    Remove Zip and area field
    Add the possibility to chose more than one countries ? Some of the blogs i’m refering are multi countries ones…
    In “property details” : Remove every fields just leaving the video field
    All fields about prices (none of my “properties” items are for sale or rent)… Is it possible to replace theme with a field for a web address that will appear on the items in property lists ?
    In Place it on the map :
    Remove “Enable Google Street View ” and “Google View Camera Angle”
    Amenities and Features : Remove the section completely

    On the property page
    I wish to remove :
    The id of the property
    All the section “property features” and if possible replace it with a html code field to put an google map itinerary

    Another asking but i understand it’s probably a big work to do, is the possibility to transform the “country” results in little flag icons behind the title… Ok i stop 😉

    Thanks again and in advance for your answer!
    Can’t wait to hear from you

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