• Anna
    February 6, 2014 at 4:59 am #21479

    How to turn on/off the option to save users as agents. Available only for front end registration.

    1. If ADMIN doesn’t let users become agents automatically when users register in front end, then:

    – AGENTS are added from wp-admin AGENTS
    – properties can be assigned to an AGENT in wp-admin/properties/add or edit new property
    – users register and submit properties (their profile is attached to the property but it doesn’t show in Agent List)
    – admin can assign an agent to an user’s property, if he offers such a service.

    2. If ADMIN lets users become agents automatically when users register, then:

    – Users profiles will be listed under AGENTS and they will work same as agents do now.

    NOTE: this works only if users register in front end.


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