• Anna
    December 3, 2014 at 10:04 am #101013

    In 3.0 we changed the re-size rule for property image because 99% of clients did not use full header images on max resolution : 1920 px

    To have that back, you must go to admin – appearance – editor

    Open general-settings.php

    You’ll see in there

    //add_image_size(‘property_full_map’ , 1920, 590, true);

    add_image_size(‘property_full_map’ , 1600, 590, true);

    Change to

    add_image_size(‘property_full_map’ , 1920, 590, true);

    //add_image_size(‘property_full_map’ , 1600, 590, true);

    –Basically comment the new resize and leave the old resize.

    After this, you need to modify one CSS class to:

    #pictureMap img {

    width: 1920px;

    height: 590px;

    max-width: 1920px;

    margin-left: -952px;


    Add this in child theme.


    If your images are way smaller than screen size and  you do not wish to use the full header map and show your images in their original size – try this CSS:

    #pictureMap img {

    width: auto;

    height: auto;

    margin-left: inherit;

    margin: 0 auto;

    float: center;

    position: inherit;



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