• Mirislam Nazarov
    July 22, 2014 at 8:37 am #49764

    Hi, I purchased the theme and installed. Now I want to make some changes. I will be grateful for your help.

    1. I want to change the font because it doesn’t support some letters in my alphabet.
    2. I want that a user can submit a property without registration.
    3. I want to add second user of measurement for Lands. We use m2 for homes, but not for lands. Can you add another one just for land option?
    4. I want to add or remove some options in “Submit property” page.

    Great thanks in advance.

    July 25, 2014 at 7:59 am #51198

    Hi Mirislam

    I recognize the questions. You emailed me these yesterday and I already replied.

    1 – I’ll be waiting for your font directions.

    2 – I replied why that has to be done with custom development, and users must register to have a property published. We can customize the theme to submit and register at the same time, but without registration is not possible.

    3. I asked for how you wish that to work, because there are several directions (complex way, create different forms based on category – which needs custom work or easy way – create new fields and modify the measurements just for those)

    4. That depends on what you wish removed. The submission form is divided in php templates which you can edit by deleting code.

    Thank you

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