How to use Custom Taxonomy Order plugin

We made this post for those clients that wish to order custom taxonomies pages.

There is a plugin that has more sorting options and allows you to order in which order you wish:

Custom Taxonomy Order NE –

Procedure that must be followed:

-Write and arrange the categories such that the last one you write will appear first to the visitor viewing your site.

-After arranging, download and install the free plugin ‘Taxonomy Terms Order’ that offer 2 Auto sort settings: ON, and OFF;

  • With Auto sort ON the categories will appear with the last one written on top (Auto sorted descending by the ID of the category).
  • With Auto sort OFF the alphabetical order is applied.


The original theme setup comes with 2 Actions, Rental and Sales. When you add another category like Lease: with Autosort ON the list will show as Lease, Sales, Rental (order by ID, last one shows first);

With Auto sort OFF the list will show as Lease, Rental, Sales (alphabetical).

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