Properties Status Management on Wp Estate

How to use the custom labels that show on properties thumbs

  • Go to Admin Panel – Property Page Options – Property Status
  • Type in your new status (should be on one row, with a comma – , – after it if a new status follows )
  • Save changes.
[alert type=”notice” close=”false”]After the last status there should be no comma [/alert]
  • Go to Theme Options – Design – Custom CSS to enter the new CSS for the new status added
  • Go to Property – Add or Edit – and select the new status from the drop down list. Click Save.

If status has one word, like ‘New’, this is the custom CSS:

background-color: #73180E;


In the above CSS, replace ‘new’ with your one word status, add a new color code and change the padding-top.[/alert]

    If status has 2 words, like ‘New Offer’, this is the custom CSS:

    background-color: #73180E;


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