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How to add Latest Listings and Latest Blog Posts in pages and how to play with Borders.

  • You can create unlimited pages if you combine the WP Estate shortcodes.
  • Go to Pages – Add New.
  • Click on the  icon from the WordPress editor panel.
  • Edit type=”properties” or type=”articles”
  • Select the number of thumbs on row (1,2,3 or4)
  • Select the number of rows (there is no limit)
  • Add a link for the more listings or more articles buttons. Make sure the URL is written in TEXT format (not a link).
  • Leave Template – Default.
  • Select page border. Options are: listingborder (default green), blogborder (default cherry), agentborder (default blue), whiteborder (white), no border. 
  • Select sidebar options.
  • Click Publish Page.
[alert type=”notice” close=”false”]Example:

[recent_items type=”properties” number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=””][/recent_items][/alert] [alert type=”notice” close=”false”]Example:

[recent_items type=”articles” number=”3″ rows=”1″ link=””][/recent_items][/alert]
  • You can add a separate title for this shortcode and remove the Page Title.
  • To do that you must use Structure Shortcodes.
  • In this video we’re using Full Width Container – .
  • Type title.
  • Select border for the container. Options are: NONE (white), listingborder (green by default), blogborder (cherry by default), agentborder (blue by default), no border (if you don’t type anything).
  • Type the shortcode in the container.
  • Save changes and see the results on front end.
[alert type=”notice” close=”false”]You can play with borders to have different design layouts. Watch the video for possible combinations.[/alert]
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