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We recently received an excellent question from one of our clients about image size requirements in WP Estate, Responsive WordPress Theme. Although we’ve added note and instructions about these requirements in our manual and video tutorials, I’d like to summarize all of them in one blog post.

1. Property Page Images

The slider is full width and resizes on all screen resolutions to fit the screen.

Recommended size is minimum 1600px width.

The theme has re-size rules in general-settings.php

If you wish to change the settings – you can modify in there. For old images install the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and those will be updated with your new settings.

2. Blog Post Slider

Blog post slider resizes images to 960 px width (no sidebar) and 690 px width (with sidebar).  We recommend to upload images with minimum 690px width.

3. Agent Profile Image

The featured image you attached to Agent Profile should resizes automatically.

Our demo images are re-sized to 300px width.

4. Testimonial Shortcode photo


Testimonials shortcode image should be 120 px X 120 px. 

5. Property category and action icons (default and hover)


Theme default icons have 17 px height. 

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