WP Estate V1.8 is LIVE – with PayPal paid submissions

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Hello everyone,

We’ve been doing great progress with WP Estate for the past week. I’m proud to present to you the latest version – V1.8 which includes the following new features:

– Paid Submission via PayPal
– Enable Paid Submissions from Theme Options
– Set the price for 1 submission from Theme Options
– Set the currency for 1 submission from Theme Options (EURO or USD)
– Added email notification for Admin when new user submits a property
– Added email notification for Admin when user edits a submitted property
– Added email notification for Admin when user pays for a property submission
– Added ON/OFF control to show or not all Features and Amenities (including those that don’t apply for a property)
– Added Filter Button on Property Page List template
– If user clicks on Filters like TYPE Bedrooms NO and doesn’t add info, the text shows again after user goes to next filter

If you haven’t purchased this awesome theme yet, this is the link to do it: WP Estate at Theme Forest.

If you want to give the new features a test – go to our demo URL.

Co-founder at WP Estate, certified Project Manager, professional WordPress developer.
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  • Beemol

    I read all about this theme before to buy it, because it seems to be a very very good one.
    But I think I’ll need something more… Sorry about that.
    The Submission allow user to pay to submit their ads.
    Is there a way to have several type of paid submissions ?
    For example:
    1 – Free. 1 submission for 1 month
    2 – $10. 1 submission for 3 months
    3 – $20. 1 submission for 3 months HIGHLIGHTED (or FEATURED)

    and eventually:
    4 – $100. 5 submissions for 6 months HIGHLIGHTED (or FEATURED)

    I know this is nt the same purpose, but I have seen that on the Jobify theme demo:

    I’m very interested in your theme which I really like.
    Is that a way to have some of these functionnalities ?
    Eventually, I could pay for it of course.

    Thanks for your answer,
    Best Regards,


    • Anna

      Hi Stephen,

      Thank you very much for your comment on WP Estate. I’m happy to hear you find our theme a very good one. We hope to make it even better and your comment definitely helps us to that.

      We’re aware that Payment Options must be advanced, so we’ve scheduled to improve this feature with v1.94 (right now we’re finishing v1.93). Your ideas are very good and we will consider them when creating the plan of development for payments advancements.

      After v1.94 is released, and payments options are delivered, we’ll add them all to our demo website so you an review them as well. I hope that then the theme will have everything you need. Just in case you need something customized, be sure we can help with customizations.

      Talk soon,

  • Beemol

    Hello Anna,
    Thanks a lot for your answer,
    I think I’ll wait for those new functionnalities, sounds really great.

    Thanks again,
    Best Regards,


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