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WP Estate Theme Version- 3.0

On 25th of September we have launched a new WP Estate Theme Version- 3.0.

We have added new and interesting features :

  • Booking Rental Module;
  • STRIPE merchant for Paid Listings and for Membership Packages and On/off control for Stripe and Paypal merchants in Theme Options;
  • Assign property to user from admin – edit property.

Booking Rental Module

We have implemented the Booking module for WP Estate 3.0. This will help the landlords and their clients to manage bookings easily.

The booking module has a lot of awesome features:

  • Availability calendar on all properties;
  • Advanced Search custom for booking module (auto-complete for City and Area, dropdown for number of guests, check-in and check-out fields);
  • Set price by day, week or month. All invoices will calculate the costs based on the value of 1 booking day;
  • Number of guests for all properties;
  • City Fee and Cleaning fee for all properties;
  • Booking form on all properties (date from, date to – but only for available dates, number of guests, comments, and invoice listing of total costs);
  • Booking form and Message system are available only for registered users;
  • Message contact system for registered users with INBOX system in user dashboard;
  • Bookings, My Reservations, My Inbox (new pages in User Dashboard);
  • Restrict access to Property Owner info unless booking is confirmed;
  • Booking confirmation requires owner approval and (if admin asks for a fee), the fee payment;
  • Booking fee payment to ADMIN can be done via STRIPE or PayPal;
  • Owner can edit the invoice before he sends it to user who has asked for a booking;
  • Owner can delete, edit an invoice before invoice is paid (but not after);
  • Owner can reject a booking (but only before booking fee payment fee is processed);
  • Owner can view all approved bookings via his user dashboard page;
  • Owner can add manual booking in order to block certain dates from property calendar;
  • Owner receives email notification when: property is published, booking is received, booking is deleted by user, invoice is paid by user, a new message is received via INBOX;
  • Owner can confirm a booking without payment fee, if admin sets admin fee to 0;
  • User can see the invoice generated (with details) in RESERVATIONS page;
  • User can send messages from property page to owner at any time. Replies are received in INBOX page;
  • User can delete a booking after it was sent to owner, but only before booking is confirmed;
  • User CAN’T make bookings for dates already booked;
  • User can pay booking fee with Credit Card (via Stripe) or with PayPal;
  • User receives email notification when: his booking is confirm, his booking is rejected, a new invoice was generated, a booking was confirmed, a new message was received in INBOX page.

STRIPE Merchant for Payments

Along with Paypal, you will be able to pay with Stripe, which is for Credit card payments. Stripe can process CC payments in almost any currency.  Stripe merchant has the ability to give a little flexibility regarding payment methods.

We have added Stripe merchant  for Paid Listings, for Membership Packages and for Booking/Admin fee.

There is an On/Off control for Stripe and Paypal merchants in Theme Options.

Also, the Admin is in full control of the payment methods. He can choose if he want use both, Stripe and Paypal or only one of them.

Assign Property to User from Admin Area

This new feature gives Admin the possibility to assign a property to one registered user from admin area.

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