WP Residence 1.08 How to enable / disable Auto-complete for address

WP Residence 1.08 How to enable/ disable Auto-complete for address

This video tutorial show how Admin can enable/disable the Auto-complete for address in Front End Submision.

Admin can make the setting from Theme Options really easy.

Auto-complete feature enabled implies:
-City and Area will be auto-populated in back end;
-the link between City and Area will be created automatically;
-all fields will e auto-populated Address line, City, Area, State/County/Country;
-the address is feed from Google Maps.

Auto-complete feature disabled implies:
-Cities and Areas populate with the Cities and Areas added by admin in admin area,
-The user will e able to select the City and Area added by Admin from dropdows,
-The link between City and Area must be done manually by Admin.

Please see video tutorial for all details.

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