How to set up Advanced Search / Advanced Search does not work.

WP Residence- How to set up Advanced Search and what to do in case the search does not work.

In this video Tutorial we show how the Advanced Search form can be set-up in based on the options from Theme Options. All details are included in the video tutorial.

What is really important is what to do in case the Advanced Search does not work.

We have 4 possible issues. Each time one of our clients reports that Advanced Search does not work, one of the below needs to be corrected.

1. Always slugs must match the titles.

The best solution is to let WordPress generate the slug. How to do that?

Add the taxonomy title, leave slug field blank and Save.

2. The Advanced Search Results page.

If the page is not created, nothing will happen.

Usually the page is imported once you import the demo content, but sometimes it is removed by mistake.

The Advance Search Page must have the Advanced Search Results template.

3. Permalinks to be set to custom.

Starting version 1.08 we added some features to Advanced Search Form. Cause of that the permalinks needs to be set to custom  for the Advanced Search to work.

4. The compare terms need to be set according to the field type.

a. For Field Type Date, use “date bigger” or “date smaller”;

b. For Field Type Text (small or large), use “like”;

c. For Field Type Number, use “smaller”, “equal” or “greater”.

Please see the video for more details.

You can also find information here: and here!/Google_Maps_Search



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