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For us, there’s nothing more important than building strong relationships with our clients. And the holidays are the perfect time to share our gratitude and warm wishes with the people who have been doing business with us for all year long.  Our way of thanking you for a wonderful 2014 is to offer you version 1.08.

Here is the Video Presentation for this version new updates:

Most important additions are listed below:

  • Option to enable/disable the Auto-Complete address in Frond End Submission Form;
  • New features for Advanced Search:
  1. Save parameters;
  2. The URL matches the search performed;
  3. Soft filters on the Advanced Search Results page;
  • Featured Agent Widget;
  • New features for Recent Items shortcode:
  1. Order the properties random;
  2. Select category ID for articles;
  • Edit Facebook share to pick up an image from property images.

Faster Site Speed with Read Google Maps Pins from File

A few months ago we wrote a blog post for clients who have thousands of pins to share on the map. Here is the reminder of that post http://wpestate.org/in-case-you-have-thousands-of-listings-in-wpestate-or-wpresidence-themes/ 

In version 1.08 we integrate the following feature as part of the core theme:

b) switch to a system that will save all property info into a file and make Google maps read directly from file.  This is a little complicated and involves having knowledge of php and javascript.

This option is enabled/disabled from Theme Options. Watch our video tutorial for all the info – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-v1-08-enable-pin-reading-system-file-theme-options/

Frond End Submission Form – 2nd Version with Drop-downs



In WP Residence 1.08 we added a new option for submission form: choose between typing  the address and selecting City and Area from dropdowns, or to use Auto-complete.

Admin will be able to enable/disable auto-complete address from back end.

Video tutorial for how the auto-complete feature works – http://wpestate.org/wp-residence-1-07-submit-property-front-end-using-address-auto-complete/ 

New Features for Advanced Search

Starting v 1.08, we added the following new features will be available on Advanced Search results page:

  • Save search parameters on the search results page. When a search is performed, the Advanced Search will memorize the Search criteria and keep it in header.
  • The Advanced Search results page URL matches the search performed.  As many of our customers asked, we changed the URL for  Advanced Search Results page to be dynamic.
  • Soft filters on the Advanced Search Results page. The results of the search can be sorted by Default order (Featured first, recent date next) Price Low to High or Price High to Low
  • Also the properties in search results can be displayed as a list or grid.

Featured Agent Widget

As asked by many of our dear clients, we have added a new widget: Featured Agent. It works with agent post ID and you can use it on any of the available sidebars.

Recent Items Shortcode – Order by Random

We have added two new features to the Recent Items shortcode:

– The option to order properties post randomly on page refresh or leave it default order (featured first, by date next);

– The option to filter blog posts by category ID.

Facebook Share Image

Before this update Facebook was sharing a random picture from the page where share was clicked. Now the share will be from property images.

Note that Facebook has a caching system. If the image does not appear, a refresh will work for sure.

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