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Property Rentals &
Real Estate
WordPress Themes for
Industry Professionals

More than 40,000 Customers

40,000+ clients trust our products and use them successfully for their real estate or rental websites.

12 development years

We started the company in 2012, and we’ve constantly improved our real estate products ever since.

2300+ Five Star Reviews

Our real estate themes quality is confirmed by the 2300 five star reviews from WpEstate happy customers.

We are developing

Real Estate Themes & Property Rentals Themes

for WordPress

Wp Residence is our top real estate theme, with over 600 features and options.

It is well suited for any real estate agency, real estate portal, or single real estate agent. This theme has been in every real estate top for the past 8 years.


WpRentals is a highly customizable WordPress theme to list, find & book accommodations and objects.

Offers a unique booking system, for daily or hourly rent, with many options for managing listing price, calendar availability, listing details & more.

Wp Estate was our first theme we developed back in 2012. It has been constantly improved for the past years, with new and exciting features.

With a modern design, this is the simple but perfect tool to have for real estate agencies or agents.

WpEstate has over 10 years of experience in creating WordPress themes for the real estate industry. We take pride in delivering Intelligent solutions, state of the art design and the best client support on the market.

Since the company launch, we have developed three premium themes, which have been purchased by over 35,000 clients.

Real estate website owners have always appreciated our customer support services and products. Over 2,000 five star reviews received for WpResidence, WpEstate, and WpRentals themes bear testimony to that.

Join our community of real estate enthusiasts who’ve boosted their online presence with WpEstate’s smartly designed WordPress themes. Experience firsthand the difference expertise can make.

How to build a
Real Estate Website
with WordPress and WpResidence

Our themes are perfect for your real estate business

Through our exceptional experience and knowledge of the WordPress environment we created the perfect theme for real estate professionals.

Advanced Search

Properties search may be the most essential functionality of an authoritative real estate site. And we give you the tools to create the perfect form.

Property Management System

Our themes come with an advanced management system. You can create unlimited custom fields, features and amenities and add unlimited images to each property.

Property Page

WpEstate Themes offer you several page templates with tons of options to design the property page. And you do that from a user friendly interface.

Realtors, Real Estate Agencies and Developers

Our Themes are suitable for several real estate entities: realtor agencies with their agents and listings and individual agents who can list their portfolio properties.

IDX Compatibility
MLS Import Ready

Any major player in the real estate industry is using MLS Services. To get listings from MLS to your website, you usually need to use an IDX plugin (3rd party), but those plugins limit you to use the plugin search and design. 

WpResidence and WpEstate are MLS Import ready, a unique plugin that helps you import MLS data from your MLS (while serving images from the MLS server).

You can have access to MLS data in a heartbeat, the import process is seamless, and data synchronizes hourly. 

The primary feature of MLS Import is that it works with RESO API (the latest MLS / IDX standard). This is the future for MLS / IDX, and more than 650+ MLS are already RESO ready.

MLS Import gives you full flexibility over the MLS data and works 100% with WPResidence and WpEstate features out of the box.

Make the next Vacation Rental
Platform with Wprentals

Wprentals is a powerful WordPress based platform  to list, find & book accommodations and objects.  It is the most suitable solution to rent your items by hour or by night.

Booking System

WpRentals offers a unique booking system, for daily or hourly rent, with many options for managing listing price, calendar availability, listing details & more.

Property & Booking Management System

WpRentals offers an advanced management system for properties & bookings. Moreover, you can synchronise each listing availability calendar easily with other platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, etc.

Instant Booking, Custom Prices or Booking per hour

Flexible booking settings are available as you create your rental website with your listings. You can manage each listing price, instant booking settings, custom price options and more.

Built for Agencies and Single Owners

WpRentals can be used as single owner, or you can let others register and add their listings for rent as you take a service fee for each confirmed booking.

Make Money with your
Real Estate Portal

The are three ways you can make money – you can charge users for each listing or you can enable the Membership system. You can also get a commission for each booking the user confirms through Wp Rentals.

With the membership system, you can define packages that include: number of listings, the package duration, and its price. Furthermore, you can also define the number of featured listings, number of images (in Wp Residence only).

And we have integrated Paypal and Stripe as the default payment gateways, Wire Transfer for offline payments and WooCommerce compatibility so you can use any other merchants you wish. 

Support Team

With over 2300+ 5 star ratings to confirm our customer services and products quality, we dedicate our time and efforts to provide the best client experience possible.

Our themes are well documented and we have video tutorials for all products: WpResidence, WpEstate and WpRentals.

Extended Documentation and
Video Tutorials

Each product has its own help website with a large autocomplete search on the first page. In our help guide you will find extensive theme documentation and many “how to do” articles: help for WpResidencehelp for WpRentalshelp for Wpestate.

And since videos are easier to follow, we have made around 200 video tutorials covering all aspects of our themes. You can view them on our YouTube channel!

Tips for your Real Estate Website

Use quality photos & media

The first thing buyers see are your photos. Make sure you choose the best images and add plenty of pictures. If you have a presentation video, that is even better. You can upload it on youtube or vimeo and embed it on your page.

Another nice touch is the virtual tour, which our themes support too. A little harder to produce, but it will dramatically increase the leads you get.

Our WordPress real estate themes have it all. You can create an engaging website very quickly, with several slider, video and virtual tour options for appealing effect. Just play with the theme features until you get the perfect design you desire.

The booking and contact form

Having a booking or contact form on your property page is a must. No matter how beautiful that page is, if the client cannot contact you, you will lose him.

We took care of this aspect, so you have a contact and booking form on every listing page. This delivers the messages to the owner/agent in charge of the property.

Alternatively you can use contact form 7 and develop your own forms.

Add useful information on the property page

Make sure you add as much details as possible. If your location allows it, use Yelp/Walkscore to show distances between various points of interest. Use the mortgage calculator so user can simulate various payment plans.

You can upload any pdf you may have about the property. That also includes the floor plans for your listings.

All of the above are options included in our themes, so you just need to use them.

Featured listings on your home page

Showcase your best properties on the main page. Make sure you use the best pictures and get your visitors attention from the first moment.

All our themes have the options to publish featured listings. So make use of this feature and highlight the best listings.

Be mobile ready

Mobile devices have surpassed desktop computer use. If you do not have a mobile ready website you will lose clients.

Make sure your website loads fast on mobile devices. You should include a touch ready menu and ensure that all features work correctly on tablets or smartphones.

Include Useful Information

Listing property information is an absolute necessity. Take a step further and include instructions that will help your customers get familiar with all the terms.

Create a separate page that provides users with useful guidance about the buying process. In addition you could include definitions of terms such as fixed rate mortgage, adjustable rate mortgage, and more

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