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We have finished the 1.16 version of WP Residence. The new theme version includes many new features and some fixes. The most important feature in the new version is the Property Custom template. This feature offers each WP Residence client endless possibilities when designing the property page. We have made a video tutorial to show you how the shortcodes and custom template work, you can watch it here. Also, you can find more details about Property Page Custom Template Shortcodes and Property Page Custom Templates in our help manual. Among the other new features you will find: -reCaptcha for registration -iHomefinder Optima Express IDX support -Limit the number of images that be uploaded in submission form. The complete list can be found here. Please update your theme so you can enjoy all new features.

In the next couple of months we will release our own managed hosting solution dedicated to non tech users who don’t want to worry about servers, PHP versions & libraries, updates and other tech related issues. Basically, for $50 per month per website (first month free if you own a theme license) you receive: 1. Hosting account on our servers. The servers will be fine tuned to work with WordPress  and our themes (WPResidence, WPRentals and WPEstate). Some of the servers features are listed next:
  • Will run on PHP 7 – the latest and fastest version
  • Will be TSL 1.2 ready for PayPal payments – (sandbox payments are not working if you don’t have TSL 1.2 while live payments will stop working in 2017 unless you have TSL 1.2)
  • Enough memory
  • No limitation on server
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Storage will be limited to  7gigs
  • On demand we will give cpanel access
  • Dedicated IP for $1 extra fee
And these servers will be constantly under our watch to prevent any problems or overloading. 2. We will install WordPress, the Theme with a demo you choose + we will install the child theme in case you want to do some changes. 3. We will handle WordPress updates: WordPress releases a new version every 4-6 weeks. We will handle the WordPress update as soon as we confirm there are no incompatibility issues. If there are any problems we update the theme and do the WordPress upgrade after. 4. We will handle theme updates. We release a new version approximately 1 time per month, and once the version is tested and ready to go we will update your website. That’s why any changes you make to the theme must be done in a child theme. 5. We will handle plugins updates for the 3 plugins that come with the theme. The plugins are Revolution Slider, Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer. There are new versions of these plugins released every 2-3 weeks, and sometimes they release important security patches that you want to be live asap. We will handle that part. 6. Malware scan: an antivirus will run on server making sure you have no malware problems 7. Daily backups 8. Not confirmed yet : Cloudflare CDN setup with ssl 9. License for the theme will be included in the pack as “rented”. We will transfer the license to you, for free, after 3 months. If you already have a licence you get the first month free. 10. Paypal & Stripe  payments setup. Also Facebook and Google login  setup – if client provides accounts and/or api keys. If you are not happy with the service, you get the money back (except first month for those of you who don’t own a theme license). Payments will be made via Paypal, month by month. And other possible features – here we are open to your suggestions. All the above details are still under review and may change before the actual release. We may add, change or remove items until that date. Why it costs $50: A similar hosting package (for example on WPEngine) is around $20 to $30. Because it is a managed hosting account, there is a very limited no of accounts per server and everything is fine tuned to work with WordPress. Also, an engineer is always watching over the server performance. Beside that we are doing monthly updates on your website – WordPress, theme and plugins.  Some of the updates are done automatically but some will be done manually and we will check to see that everything is on order after these updates.   What do you think about this kind of service/hosting solution?
Would you be interested in getting such package for your business? If yes, please let us know. We must get in touch with you to make sure your website is suited for this service.

WP Residence Help
In WP Residence 1.16.1, our clients will have the chance to create their own design for property pages. They will be able to create a template using Visual Composer shortcodes and apply it only for one property or globally. This feature means that each client has endless possibilities when designing the property page. To create your own template – add a new page and select as custom template Property Page Template. Then you can customize it as you wish with the Custom Property Page Template Shortcodes. The Custom Property Page Template Shortcodes are newly added in theme, as well. They can be used only with Visual Composer plugin and only on property page. We will make a video tutorial that will explain how Custom Template and Custom Template Shortcodes work. Property Custom Template