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Agent, Agency and Developer pages in WP Residence

What is the purpose of creating dedicated realtors pages on a real estate website? Buying a property is one of the highest investment in life, and it is only normal for customers to know who they do business with.

Ensuring a great about page for real estate agents, agency or developers will only enhance the trust of prospective buyers.

Wp Residence is our premium real estate theme that comes with three different templates for each type of realtor, be it the agent, real estate agency or developer. Each template has a different design but also unique functionalities. You can choose to have none of the options enabled, or work just with one, two or all three user roles.

Agent Page

Let’s start with the Agent page – the go-to person for your property business. The Agent page should be a professional display of the agent competence (with feedback from clients), property portfolio and contact details.

A personal page is a great marketing tool, therefore you should give heed to this part of your website in order to capture leads.

How do you go about and create your agent profile page? In Wp Residence you have three different ways to create an agent page.

From front-end – Register as Agent and then fill in the My profile details.

From Admin Panel – Agent page has a separate menu. To add a new Agent go to Agents – Add new.

If you own a real estate portal each agency or developer can edit their own agents’ pages from their dashboard: My Agents- Add/Edit agents.


Check here a live demo agent profile page. 

The profile details include a description and the agent profile contact detail, including the agent social media accounts and a personal site url.

Next, you can upload a featured image and click publish – and there you have it, your agent profile page.

You can add unlimited custom fields to your agent profile page from the number of languages spoken to available schedule and price range, or anything else you wish to show.

Once your visitors land on the agent page, the header module will be the one that catches attention.

In Wp Residence header media is the Google Map with property markers customized for each agent.

This way your visitors will be able to visually comprehend your offer and navigate through your listings on the map.

Agency Page

An estate agency is a business firm which operates on the real estate market on behalf of clients.

There are differences between countries in terms of agency marketing approach, obligations and responsibilities.

WP Residence offers the online framework to address every aspect of this business.

To create an Agency Page, the user must first sign up and create an Agency account.

The site admin will approve the account, automatically or manually. Once it’s approved, the agency account can add their listings and agents.

On agency profile page, the header will display the agency logo and contact details. Scrolling down the page, a visitor will see the agency’s description, property listings and a list of contracted agents.

Additionally, you have the option of allowing customer testimonials/reviews for each agency.


Check here a live demo agency page

Developer Page

Real estate (or property) developer is a business entity whose activities range from renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to buying raw land and selling developed land or parcels.

A specific aspect is that real estate development distinguished from construction, although many developers also oversee the construction process.

A real estate portal will include different type of users with developers being one category.

Such as for Agency pages, a Developer page will be created from the front end and approved by Admin. Admin can manually do the account approval, or let the theme to approve newly registered accounts automatically.

Once approved, the developer will be able to add its listings and agents, later on.

A dedicated Developer Page has a distinct visual appearance from the Agency page The header will include the business logo, contact details, and a short description. Next on page are the property listing, developer agents list, and the contact form.


See here a live example of a developer profile page 

The contact form is an essential feature for a realtor page. To ensure easy communication, we have added more options for this feature.

For every Agent, Agency or Developer page, the details and contact form can show in the sidebar or after property listings.

Additionally, you can show the contact form in property gallery lightbox which shows when clicking on an image in the gallery.

Agent, Agency, Developer search widget

The theme includes a specific widget that allows searching an agent, developer or agency by category, type, city, area or state attached to these roles.