Wp Estate 3.0 Videos

Create a Property

How to create a new Property Page and what settings are optional in WP Estate

  • Go to Admin Panel – Properties – Add New
  • Type property title
  • Add description (you can use also shortcodes and the WordPress editor panel options)
  • Type Property Settings (Address, County, State, Zip, Country, Agent Notes, Property Status).
Property Status can be managed separately –  http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-use-the-custom-labels-that-show-on-properties-thumbs/ 
If you set Property Status to NORMAL, no status shows on front end. If you don’t type Agent Notes, they don’t show on Front End.
  • Fill in Property Details (price, after price label, size, lot size, year built, rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages no, garage size, date available, basement, external construction, roofing, video from YouTube or Vimeo)
All these details are optional. If you don’t add them, they don’t show on Front End.  If you don’t have any video to show on Property Page slider, don’t add any id.
  • Select Property Address. You can click on the Admin Map or you can type Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
To get this info go to https://maps.google.com/, find your location, click right on the location on the map and click “What’s here”. Coordinates will show in the search bar on top. The address that shows by default in Google Maps admin is the address set in Theme Options – General Settings.
  • Drag the Yellow Man on Google Maps to confirm if the address you selected has Google Street View. If it does, check the box for this option.
You can also change the Google Street camera angle. More details are in this video tutorial: http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-change-google-street-camera-angle/ 
  • Check Features and Amenities that apply to the property page.
You control what amenities and features apply for your website. Watch this video tutorial for more info – http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-edit-property-features-and-amenities/ 
  • Select Agent responsible
Watch this video tutorial to see how agents are added to the website – http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-create-agent-list-page/  You can select NONE for agent, if this option doesn’t apply to you
  • Select sidebar options
  • Select 1 Category
  • Select 1 Action
  • Select City, Area
  • Upload images – see also this video tutorials http://wpestate.org/video-tutorials/how-to-add-images-to-property-slider/
  • Select featured image (mandatory)
  • Click Publish.