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Custom search types and submit options in Wp Rentals

WpRentals supports 5 types of advanced search forms, and 3 of theme work with custom fields: Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5. The custom search fields supported include the following: Location, Check-in & Check-out, Guest number, City & Property Area, Country, State and County, Baths, bedrooms & rooms. Moreover, you can add other default fields to search such as Zip (text field) and Size (number) or your custom properties fields too.

The format for custom fields is input (text, number) or drop-down. Irremovable default fields are type keyword used for property title, the main and 2nd listing category.

By contrast, Type 3 and Type 5 works only with custom fields while Type 4 works with custom fields displayed after opening the default search.

How do search types look and work

Search type 1 is horizontal and has as default fields: location, check-in, check-out, and guests. On an extended search, you have more default fields that work with Ajax.

Search type 2 works the same as search type 1, only that its design is vertical on the header.

Search type 3 design is horizontal and works exclusively with custom fields set in theme options. You choose what fields, and in what order you display. The extended search works with the same fields.

Search type 4 has as default fields: title keyword, all types and all sizes. On the extended panel, you can add your custom fields in what order you wish.

Search type 5 works with custom fields set from theme options, and its design is vertical.

What are the benefits?

You can add unlimited custom fields to type 3 & 4 and choose to display 1,2,3 or 4 fields per row depending on your design needs. Furthermore, you can select the features and amenities to show in the header and on the half map. Hence you can allow your visitors to narrow down their search and get a more specific result.

Want your search form to stand out in page layout? In Wp Rentals, we have more search form position options. From Admin – Search settings you can choose to show your search bar in float mode, a fixed bar before or after header media or you can enable sticky search which will replace the sticky header.

We have also revamped the location field options for search type 1&2 by adding a drop-down style showing all cities, areas, countries, states, and counties from properties published in the theme database.

To ensure a more accurate and efficient search result, we have added a geolocation (radius) search to the half map page.


Available demos

To showcase the latest features, in Rentaboat designed for boating trips rentals we have used search type 3 and property card type 3 in half map page. In Skirent, developed for winter sport equipment sites, we are showcasing advanced search type 4.

It is easier to import these demos as we have updated our demo import system using the 1-click plugin. To proceed to demo import, you must first install the imported plugin. But once that step is done, you’re only 1 click away from having your site live.