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Hi Anna
1- My main reason to change the main property details (the section called property details between property address and property features) is because I want to change Bathrooms to Living Rooms. Basically here people do search for properties as bedroom numbers and living room numbers. Noone do search for bathroom numbers. So I would still want to keep the bathroom numbers but I want to add the living room numbers.

2- If its difficult I want to replace bathroom numbers with living room numbers So people can do search as.

So I can still create a custom field called bathroom numbers later on.

3- And also would have been nice to display these in seperate div boxes: Property main details (Price: 200,000,000 € Property Size: 4,000 m2 Property Lot Size: 500,000 m2 Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1)
and in a different div box the custom fields. How that would be possible?

4- And is it possible to seperate into 2 different custom fields section lets say Property Interior Infos, and Property Exterior Info ?

5- And would it be possible to add custom fields into advanced search box?

Thanx very much