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Hi Oscar

I will copy below the private answer and then will close this as it was already completed

Hi Oscar,

Please see below the answers to your questions:

1- My main reason to change the main property details (the section called property details between property address and property features) is because I want to change Bathrooms to Living Rooms.

—>You can do that with POEDIT.

2.Basically here people do search for properties as bedroom numbers and living room numbers. Noone do search for bathroom numbers. So I would still want to keep the bathroom numbers but I want to add the living room numbers.

—>Hope that this exactly as the above. POEDIT should work.

3- If its difficult I want to replace bathroom numbers with living room numbers So people can do search as.So I can still create a custom field called bathroom numbers later on.

–> for us it’s a 5 minute task so it’s not difficult. You can add more custom fields from theme options when you wish.

3- And also would have been nice to display these in seperate div boxes: Property main details (Price: 200,000,000 € Property Size: 4,000 m2 Property Lot Size: 500,000 m2 Rooms: 2 Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1)
and in a different div box the custom fields. How that would be possible?

—> If you wish a design change, send us the new design and we will estimate. The description is not clear to us. But what you see in demo as the default design. More changes needs custom work.

4- And is it possible to seperate into 2 different custom fields section lets say Property Interior Infos, and Property Exterior Info ?

–> This needs custom work.

5- And would it be possible to add custom fields into advanced search box?

–> Yes, we have that. The search you see in demo can have up to 8 boxes, but you need to use the help to customize the search with the options we have.


Thank you,