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Hi Anna –
Sorry for the delay, I didn’t get an email notification that there was a response.

I am willing to make changes to my own CSS to fix the problems above, but I also hope you can make adjustments to the theme in a future update so that items that are too wide for the display wrap gracefully. I would not expect an item in a responsive theme to disappear on a narrower screen because there wasn’t room. Expected responsive would be to display underneath the first header widget. Also with the menu, if it is too wide for the container it needs to go to the mobile menu, or the font size needs to decrease so that all items can still show.

On my home page, with the link if you scroll down to the section directly under the slideshow, you will see a white box with the words “Learn More About Investing in Alabama Real Estate”. It should slide in as you scroll down. Just below those words, but still in the white box is a green button that says “Contact Us Today”. It appears to have a fixed margin relative to its white container on the left, then displays outside the white box on the right. I would hope that a responsive button would resize itself to a smaller button when the container it is in resizes narrower than the button width.

Thank you for your help.