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Current: Videos hosted elsewhere are displayed before self-hosted photos (WP Residence setting).
Problem I: When videos load slow, they block initial display of the self hosted photo’s.
Problem II: Youtube and Vimeo collect visitor data, so customers are exposed.
Solution 1: don’t use videos hosted at Youtube or Vimeo.
Solution 2: display photos first, videos after.
approach A. follow Cindy’s way (tweaking), that is, disable automated display and reorder things.
approach B. redefine the if condition rules such that the photo’s show first.
approach C. enable to self host videos.

Solution is up to you to choose. I know a bit but I am not an expert. Bootstrap is know to be bug ridden. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get Cindy’s way done.

If I’m the only one who want this, don’t bother, am happy with what I got. There are other ways to insert videos.