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Hi naturalstate,

How I can help – in the theme you have some default fields + you can add custom ones.

I haven’t had the chance to list the default names of custom fields, but made a screenshot for how you can find that yourself from admin

Use Chrome – Inspect Element and get to the element in screenshot to see what name and what it is used for. All these from wp-admin/property/edit property

If you do not see properties in list after importing with WP ALL IMPORT, do this.

If you edit and save a property – do you see property in in lists? It’s not just advanced search, it’s properties list as well.

From other clients who had a similar experience I got this screenshot

You must have prop_featured status in the import fields.

That is a mandatory field (if property is featured or not).

–> This option can be left un-checked. Property does not need to be featured to exist in search.

–> What is important is that each property have this field during import attached to property.

—> Field is called prop_featured

—> The field can have 2 status: 1 means checked, and 0 un-checked.

—> Checked means featured property.

—> Un-checked means standard property.

—> And you can import with status 0 if that is what you wish.

–> The idea is for the field to exist to each property. If nowt, you have to edit property and save – in order for the theme to attach the field to the property on save.

Hope this helps.
Thank you