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Thank you for your message.

1. You can remove the Add to favorites with the below CSS:

For the heart from Property Unit
.icon-fav-off {
display: none;

For Add to favorites in the property page
#add_favorites {
display: none;
You can use the CSS in Theme Options-Design-Custom CSS.

2.Below the property title there it says the property title again and has the word “in”. I think that this was if you had different types of properties like rentals, etc. We only have one kind of property. So it looks weird.
—> You nee to make the changes in single-estate_property.php

3.We won’t have any property features listed at all, so is it possible to remove the entire horizontal bar that says “Property Features”?
—> In 1.08 version if you delete all features, you will not have anything related displaying in front end.

For the details that you wish to add, please open a ticket here: and we will try to help you if possible, if not to discuss further about the custom work.

Thank you,