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I’ve just been directed to this thread, as I’ve got WP All import but am having a few problems. My first problem which is now resolved but thought I’d mention it as others may encounter the same, is that once I started filling in the custom fields I then wasn’t able to move onto the next stage, as I was getting an error message. It turned out that the All Import programme was pulling up many more custom fields than were necessary for my properties. All I needed to do to get past this screen was delete the fields that weren’t relevant (and for those who are scardy cats like me, no this doesn’t affect your site in any way!). Then I saved just the fields I needed as a template, so this is now resolved. Tick!

Now however, I can’t get images to import. I run the test and can see I’ve loaded them correctly but then when I go to my new properties after the import, the only image that’s showing is the featured image.

Anyone else have this problem and if so, how did you overcome it?