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This is a bad practice and should be discontinued and changed. Property listers should have the add city option if his city is not in the drop down list. The fact is, all real estate websites allow the user or property Lister to add their city or choose from a previously listed cities drop down. Otherwise the admin of the site ends up severely limiting and even crippling his potential market. I feel fairly confident that most people know how to properly spell their own city name. If not, the admin can easily change it to be spelled correctly. The fact is, that it would not be to often that someone would misspell a city and the admin should not have to do too much to keep track of it. And besides, when you have a real estate site and you wish to list a property and your city is not their simply because the admin did not think to add your city because your city is not close to him, then you have just lost a potential customer and this is not good practice for a successful realty website.