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Hi Anna,

Actually – that is not the situation. Shortcodes are in WordPress editor too. Here is a screenshot without Visual Composer activated

After seeing the screenshot on the link, I realized that the theme’s shortcodes were hidden by the regular editor’s “Toggle” button… My bad on this but it’s the first time that I see theme’s or plugin’s shortcodes hidden by the toggle button.

SEO Friendly

Google & other engines now a days put a lot of weight on the page’s load time. Use this link to see the page’s load time with VC, Utltimate VC & Revo Slider activated and use it again on the same page with those 3 plugins deactivated and you can see the difference.

In addition SEs put a lot of weight on the code to content ratio in a page. All 3 of the above plugins add lots of code even on pages that they are not used. Use this link to review a page’s code to content ratio with and without those 3 plugins activated… Use any page, preferably one that none of the 3 plugins is actually used.

Visual Composer is fully compatible with most popular SEO plugin by Yoast. Make sure you are on top of search engine results.

If you look at the Page Analysis tab in the Yoast SEO section of any page that VC, Ultimate VC & Revo Slider is used to add headings (h2, h3, h4, etc.), images and image title, alt and description, or tabs, accordion, etc. you will notice that Yoast DOES NOT see any of those headings, images, and content in the other elements. Yoast SEO ONLY sees content within the VC’s Text Block element… So why would I want to use VC to add content if I cannot see calculated the keywords, headings images, image metadata and number of total words within VC & UVC elements when I use Yoast? I can add all this content in the regular WP Edit along with a couple of tags, style it in the child theme and get similar visual results with all content seen and calculated from Yoast (the most widely used WP plugin).

If you don’t wish Visual Composer – you can delete it now and you can just use our theme shortcodes as they are.

Even when I delete VC, I still see that you have tagged buttons as vc_button in the theme’s files, so I still need to look at the files & clean them up to get rid off the excess code that I’m not using.

If you believe that our selling points are Visual Composer – Ultimate Addons – and not all the other tens of features for real estate that we created ourselves (without any plugin) – then it is your opinion.

No, I don’t believe that and Ipurchased the theme for what YOU have done NOT for the plugins that come with it, which by the way I had purchased (both VC & UVC) to try way before you even made this theme. And I assure you that I purchase the theme for the potential I saw in it and the hope that one day, hopefully soon you’ll correct/add the few functionality things that are missing.

clients who use the theme have managed to create beautiful websites for real estate agents

Beautiful websites is what attracted me to this theme… However, besides a beautiful website I’d like to see you making it a bit more user (consumer) friendly for those of us agents who want to use the theme.

If you have questions about theme features – we have extensive help, video tutorials, and a support team (not one member, but 3) to answer your questions.

Besides this one I also had an earlier ticket request to add a couple DRE REQUIRED fields for US agents that are missing (agent license # and brokerage info).Unfortunately you guys thought that they were not important to add because it was too much work suggesting work arounds, although as I said it took me less than 10 minutes to add those fields in the child theme… and I even pointed out the exact filed that those fields need to be added.
I have also had back & forth emails with you suggesting ways to fix the mobile issue and make the search, map & property link in sync because of the way it currently is on the half map – half property list page, is not really usable. Hopefully someday you will put a bit more effort in putting the elements in that page in sync working properly than in the payment types that your non-agent advertising clients are requesting and adding plugins bloating the theme’s code just to make it look beautiful!

Sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh but as I have told you on several emails I see lots of potential on this theme and I’m getting a bit discouraged when I see you guys putting more work to make it look beautiful for those advertising users instead of making it lighter and more functional for those who need a “REAL” real estate theme to be found and retain actual consumers!

Thank you,