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`<!– Google Map –>
global $post;

if( isset($post->ID) ){
$gmap_lat = esc_html( get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘property_latitude’, true));
$gmap_long = esc_html( get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘property_longitude’, true));
$property_add_on = ‘ data-post_id=”‘.$post->ID.'” data-cur_lat=”‘.$gmap_lat.'” data-cur_long=”‘.$gmap_long.'” ‘;

<div id=”gmap_wrapper” <?php print $property_add_on; ?> style=”height:450px” >
<div id=”googleMap” style=”height:100%”>

<div class=”tooltip”> <?php _e(‘click to enable zoom’,’wpestate’);?></div>

<div id=”gmap-noresult”>
<?php _e(‘We didn\’t find any results’,’wpestate’);?>

<div class=”gmap-controls-property”>
<div id=”gmap-control”>
<span id=”map-view”><i class=”fa fa-picture-o”></i><?php _e(‘View’,’wpestate’);?></span>
<span id=”map-view-roadmap” class=”map-type”><?php _e(‘Roadmap’,’wpestate’);?></span>
<span id=”map-view-satellite” class=”map-type”><?php _e(‘Satellite’,’wpestate’);?></span>
<span id=”map-view-hybrid” class=”map-type”><?php _e(‘Hybrid’,’wpestate’);?></span>
<span id=”map-view-terrain” class=”map-type”><?php _e(‘Terrain’,’wpestate’);?></span>
<span id=”geolocation-button”><i class=”fa fa-map-marker”></i><?php _e(‘My Location’,’wpestate’);?></span>

$street_view_class=” “;
if( get_option(‘wp_estate_show_g_search’,”) ===’yes’){
$street_view_class=” lower_street “;

<div id=”gmapzoomplus”><i class=”fa fa-plus”></i> </div>
<div id=”gmapzoomminus”><i class=”fa fa-minus”></i></div>
<!– END Google Map –>

2. Footer.php

if (is_single( get_the_ID() ) && (‘estate_property’ == get_post_type( get_the_ID() ) )) {

// get_template_part (‘/templates/similar_listings’);

3. CSS

.gmap-controls-property {
position: relative;
float: left;
width: 355px;
top: -450px;
left: 0px;
pointer-events: none;

Live example here