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Hi Daniel,
Thank you for your comment.
In attached image you have two issues:
1. These characters – ��
This situation is related to non latin characters. There is a code solution but it can only work on server with a specific PHP module enabled (which is not enabled by default) and we are afraid this can lead to clients experiencing FATAL ERRORS – which we do not wish to happen.
We’re testing this fix in a different situation to see how many clients/servers have this module on and how many have it off, to be sure we release this officially.
Until then, I can recommend 2 solutions.
a. If you wish to change the code,
Look for
substr( $title;
it should be
mb_substr( $title
The screenshot is from property_unit.php You can change it first in there
b. Change the titles to be shorter (no code needed).
If you use a – please let me know if your hosting required activating this module or if it was activated by default. And please tell us if you have a shared or a dedicated server. The more confirmation we get that this could be added without creating fatal errors on too many servers we will add this to core faster.

For this please open a ticket on our support system:

2. Long description.
This happen because in your site the words are longer in your language then in English.
There are two ways to fix this:
a. Increase height of property unit with below CSS:
.property_listing {
height: 400px;

b. Limit the number of words.
Please see this forum topic:

—-> To change the mobile menu colors please see this form topic:

Also please use our support system if you wish our assistance – this is a general interest forum where clients can share their custom solutions if they wish to.

Client support is here –

Thank you