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Hi Anna

Sorry for this. I thought, as it wasn’t a major issue that it was better on the forum. However, yes you did answer my question perfectly on the speed support ticket.

For anyone who stumbles on this question and is struggling with site speed, Anna suggested that as I have a lot of properties (currently around 170) it might be best to ‘enable read from file for pins from google maps settings’ as a way of speeding up the property search page loads on my site.

This along with using WP Fastest Cache (the premium image cache version), our site is at least 4 times faster. In fact I’ve just run a pingdom test on our main properties page and achieved a load time of 1.64s. Admittedly, it was via Amsterdam and we’re in the UK but a few months ago the load time was around 9 seconds even across Europe, so this is amazing.

Thank you once again Anna for coming up with simple, workable solutions.