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Hi Ross

We didn’t test such a display of options.

I can tell you where to look for existing code that generates the dropdown now.

If you know a new way of displaying option and still work with number fields as these are, then you can apply it here.

In help_functions.php at line 1334 there is the function wpestate_show_search_field –

In this function we create the advanced search form with custom fields.

You need to look around 1434 and start from there – please note that the actual dropdown is made via function wpestate_build_dropdown_adv()

Looking further into code, you see this

 $rooms_select_list = ' <li role="presentation" data-value="all">'. $adv_search_label[$key].'</li>';

while($i < 10 ){

($i < 10 ){ –> This translates to options from 1 to 10 in dropdown.

Thank you